Computation of high throughput sequencing coverage

Required coverage or reads for Illumina sequencing on NextSeq500
Genome resequencing / de novo30X
Whole Exome sequencing100X
Custom capture enrichment100X
ChIP-seq30M (T.Factor), 50M (Histone marks)
RNA-seq 30M (polyA), 50M (ribozero)
smallRNA-seq20M reads

Sequencing type
Fragment type
Size of fragment
Number of libraries (1 per mate-paired lane)
Length of targeted region in Mb (genome, exome or capture) Mb.
Number of reads (NextSEQ run is 400M or 130M) Millions reads

Bases / read 150 b.
Bases total generated 60 Gb.
Bases total / library 5 Gb.
Reads total / library 33.3 Millions    ok
Coverage / library 100 X