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mining microRNAs targets across large scale gene expression studies

MiRonTop is an online java web tool that integrates DNA microarrays or high-throughput sequencing data to identify the potential implication of miRNAs on a specific biological system. It allows a rapid characterization of the most pertinent mRNA targets according to several existing miRNA target prediction approaches. It also provides useful representations of the enrichment scores according to the position of the target site along the 3’-UTR, where the contribution of the sites located in the vicinity of the stop codon and of the polyA tail can be clearly highlighted. It provides different graphs of miRNA enrichment associated with up- or down-regulated transcripts and different summary tables about selections of mRNA targets and their functional annotations by Gene Ontology.

  • provide a well formated table (tab-delimited .txt file) summarizing a large scale gene expression study (required format, examples provided)
  • Define the species of interest (Human, Mouse or Rat)
  • Select the prediction software to be used: Mirbase, miRanda, exact seed, TargetScan or PicTar (prediction tools statistics)
  • Define cut-offs to select gene sets of interest: expression signal, log2ratio, and statistical score (examples provided)

  • MiRopTop will then explore the top table and identify for each miRNA considered, an enrichment of its predicted targets according to the selected prediction tool accross the DOWN and the UP gene sets, significance being evaluated using the hypergeometric law.

     Upload your top table of Genes   tab-delimited file (.txt)
     Species of interest

    If you make use of the data presented here, please cite the following article:
    MiRonTop: mining microRNAs targets across large scale gene expression studies.
    Le Brigand K, Robbe-Sermesant K, Mari B, Barbry P.
    Bioinformatics, 2010 Oct 19.